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Ergonomics Assessments

Regain control and confidence in your home or complete office desk set-up and find out how to avoid neck, back, arm, or leg pain while working prolonged hours at the computer. Optimize your work station with my help. 

An increase in work-from-home requirements may be leaving you at your area of setup with new or consistent pain. You may also be someone who works in an office where you cannot find comfort or relief while sitting at your work station for prolonged periods. Did you know that the placement of your computer screen and keyboard, chair height, the angles of each of your joints, the alignment of your entire body, and your sitting posture can play a role in achieving or hindering you from optimal comfort levels? 


Find out how to improve your posture and perfect your work-from-home or office space to reduce pain and increase your productivity. 

Neat Computer Desk
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