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Photo provided by Haeli L., Patient

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"I went to see Rosemarie after not being able to move my neck for 3 days. My shoulders were completely misaligned and crooked. She worked on me for an hour and a half. The treatment was so gentle, patient, and effective. I woke up this morning and took a picture! Wow! A huge difference in my posture! Our bodies are so important and must carry us through years of use. I'm so glad I found someone that can help me treat it right!"

— Haeli L., ICU RN

First Session

Gregory B&A upd.jpg

Single Session

In the Spring of 2017 I was attacked on my way to work, and stabbed in the back three times. My posture is not great to begin with, but Rosemarie offered to treat me upon a visit because she felt it could help me. After the treatment, my back felt more aligned and it was refreshing to feel some relief. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow up on continuous sessions with her due to living in a different state, but I certainly wouldn't mind more in the future. She really knows the human body. 

— Gregory D., TSA Agent


"Great! My team truly enjoyed the sessions and interactions from our retreat at Mt.Charleston. You guys handled the experience very well. Well balanced!”


— David Vinson, Founder and CEO of SocialWellth, Co-founder of WebMD

"I've been in a great amount of awe since my session with Rosemarie!! I witnessed myself in a past event and the pain I was able to release has helped me to see my relationships with other significant family members very differently than before. I'm so grateful for this experience and definitely want my friends and reiki clients to experience it themselves!! Rosemarie is very skilled and talented!!"


— Jodi F., Reiki Master, Owner of Intentional Healings

"My husband has had back pain since the day we have met. He works hard, on his feet all day long and at times has to lift heavy equipment. After the first treatment with Rosemarie he said he felt the best he had in a long time. After the second and third he said it's the best he has ever felt! I was in awe because it is gentle, all natural and showed the best results we had seen from any of the previous options we had used. My daughter who had been having GI issues and was recommended to a chiropractor for other issues went to a session with Rosemarie after seeing such amazing results from my hubby's first session. My daughter's back issue and tummy issue went away completely and to this day (4 years later) she never complains about her back or tummy! Rosemarie, her passion and sharing this gift of hers with my family had literally changed our lives!"


— Ashley O., RN

"I sent both my parents to Rosemarie for MFR treatments after having an amazing session with Rosemarie myself. Not only were both my parents extremely pleased with the genuine care & professionalism that Rosemarie provides, they also found great relief from their chronic pain conditions! I'm so grateful that my family & I have found such an amazingly caring and knowledgable therapist."

— Marisa C., LMT

"I had a great healing session with Rosemarie! Just her sweet, calm voice I say is part of the healing therapy itself. I had bad posture, and my hips and shoulders were uneven but with Rosemarie's help, they're now balanced and even. I'm so happy I get to do this!" 

— Elmer P., RN

"Rosemarie has wonderful, gentle, and effective healing hands. After my healing session with her, my back felt balanced and my neck felt loose like a bobblehead's. My body felt great for the drive back home to the Bay Area. That evening, I slept through the night without any pain. It’s been too long since I had a pain free night of sleep. She also provided me with some safe techniques to use on my clients. I highly recommend Rosemarie for her knowledge, gentle but yet very effective hands, professionalism, and her dedication to art of John Barnes MFR." 

— Nikole H., PTA 

"I have been having some issues with a knee I injured a few years back so I was looking for some help and advice. Rosemarie gave me great advice with different exercises and self treatments I could do while at home. Not only did she give me exercises and advice she also explained what was causing my problem so I could get a better understanding of what was going on with my body. I was never aware how much the body was connected to other parts but now I know! Rosemarie was very passionate about her craft and it helped ease my concerns. I felt like I was getting the best advice from someone who truly cared."

— Ray C., IT Engineer

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